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I'm experienced with each stage of website development and can offer a full service from the first concepts to the final website and beyond.

The following sections take you through the different stages of a project and outline the skills I can offer and the approach I take for each.

initial concepts and aims

The first stage of any project is to gain an understanding of what it is you want out of a website. This is often a two way proces between myself and you, the client. I can advise on the best way to proceed and what you can expect from the end result, which is often much more than initially assumed.


By asking you to provide me with any existing materials from your business (business cards, flyers, letter-heads) and a list of websites that you like I can start to understand your requirements and expectations and the overall ‘feel’ you'd like to achieve. From there, I provide you with serveral different early concepts from which you can choose the elements you prefer from each one. Each one of these is individually designed with no templates used.

This two way process of submitting designs and getting your feedback will continue until you are completely happy with every aspect of the design. I won’t start any coding until this process is complete as I believe this stage offers the foundations to a sucessful project.


Once you're happy with the designs I'll start to build the pages. At this stage I can draw on various technologies that may be required for the project. All the html is hand coded and standards compliant. I can use flash, javascrip, css, content management systems, databases (Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, PHP, asp.NET) rss feeds, video, sound - whatever is required. The finished web site will be acessible and tested on all the major browsers and operating systems.

Depending on the type of project I can develop a custom Content Management System (cms), so you can keep the content up to date yourself, or a database of products and a shopping cart to get your e-commerce business up and running.

hosting, domain names and email

Once your site is ready I'll be able to offer advice for finding a suitable hosting package (space on the internet to store your pages on) and domain name (the address of your site). I'll then set this up for you and get your site ready for the world to see!

I'll also get your email addresses set up so you can send and receive emails from your domain name, for instance ‘’.


After your site has gone live on the internet you'll need to keep the content up to date. If your site features a content management system you'll be able to make updates and changes to the site yourself, but otherwise I can offer a regular maintenence service to do this for you.


I can also offer assistance with submiting your site to search engines to increase the number of visits to your site. I'll include all the relevant meta tags and design all your pages to optimise for search engines.


If you'd prefer to update your web site yourself I can offer training in basic html or using your content management system. I'm also able to give training in other applications: Photoshop, Flash and Microsoft Office.

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