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I've been using photoshop professionally for several years now. I work with photoshop nearly every day for retouching, photography and graphic design. I now do all my own "darkroom" work in photoshop, taking a scan of the original negative and cleaning and adjusting the image ready for a digital print to be made.

I also use photoshop for restoring archive prints for the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum’s photo archive.

cleaning and retouching

echo and the bunnymen - original scan.  image copyright phil nicholls ( image of ‘Echo and the Bunneymen’ taken by Phil Nicholls had suffered from acid caused by adhesive labels in storage.

I took a high resolution scan of the original negative and removed the damage in Photoshop. I also made tonal adjustments and applied a colour tone to produce a final image ready for printing.

echo and the bunnymen - after cleaning.  image copyright phil nicholls (
image © Phil Nicholls (

digital darkroom

east quantoxhead - original scan. image copyright paul mcmanus (

I use a Canon EOS film based camera for most of my own photography and now do all my darkroom work in Photoshop. I take high resolution scans of the negatives and use adjustment layers to apply localised dodging and burning.

east quantoxhead - after. image copyright paul mcmanus (
image © Paul McManus

archival print restoration

coming soon…

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