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My photography is mostly for my own enjoyment. I love producing fine art black & white landscape shots and experimenting with traditional photography and digital processing.

My commercial work has been used professionally for Marketing and PR campaigns and has appeared in local press in bristol.

I often call on my photography when designing web sites or photographing objects for inclusion on the sites.


My commercial photography consists mainly of PR and Marketing shots for the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum. They were taken with a Mamiya medium format camera fitted with a 22 megapixel Leaf Valeo digital back. Images used with the permission of The British Empire & Commonwealth Museum.

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black & white landscape

These landscape shots are all black & white shot with a cannon EOS film based SLR. I scan the negatives and produce the final image in Photoshop.

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urban landscape

A set of experimental images taken in the subways and underpasses in Bristol. Very little consideration for composition, exposure or any of the usual factors in a ‘good’ photograph.

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A few favourites from my travels.

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