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code development and databases

As well as simple HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) I can also offer complex coding and database services for use online or offline. This can be anything from internal databases to help with the daily workflow in your home office or a large complex content management system to allow you to keep your website up to date with your latest products or content.

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code development

Most modern websites have comnplex code hidden away in the background that adds increased functionality to the pages. This might be as simple as a slide show of images or a simple playlist of songs but can be much more indepth than this. I can offer all levels of programming services from simple scripts to complex tailor made web applications. A few examples of the type of code I regularly develop are:

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I can develop databases for online or offline use. I'm experienced with building databases for internal use and securly integrating this data with online applications. My skills include:

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case study: images of empire internal cataloguing system

Developed using and Microsoft SQLServer this database and cataloguing system is used by Images of Empire at the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum to catalogue and key-word still and moving images before exporting the data to be used online.

I designed the structure of the database using metadata standards such as IPTC and Dublin Core before importing data from various legacy databases. The front end was written in ASP.NET to allow remote access via an internet browser for researchers working off site.

The database stores all the necessary data about the film and photographs, including information about the donors and collection history. Each image has a comprehensive collection of fields to record all the information about the original material (formats, colour, original captions and can-notes). In addition to this a huge selection of heierarcical keywords can be applied to the images.

The system is used to manage the digitisation workflow for still and moving images and has an advanced search function to allow complex searches based on date ranges, keywords, locations, formats, captions etc.

I also developed procedures and routines to track changes and export new and updated records to the website for online delivery.

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